Resource Library :: G3 Shepherd Training for the week of 10-02-11

2011/10/02 • Tim Theule, Tim Arlen • G3 Shepherd Training: Fall 2011

Genesis 25-27

With joy and hopeful anticipation I welcome you all to a new year of shepherding beginning this Sunday! May the Lord bless you and your sheep with extraordinary, heart-changing caring, sharing, praying, and serving as you grow together with your dear flock. I am believing our God for a much-needed outpouring of His scandalous grace upon us all as we consider together “The Life of Jacob” this fall. I know I need a fresh and deeper vision and experience of God’s grace to radically transform the way I think and talk and interact with others. I suspect we all do. So thanks for joining the leadership of Grace Church on this joyful journey of growing in grace!

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