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2012/01/08 • Brandon Hall • Miscellaneous/Stand Alone

John 21:15-25

Have you ever blown it or failed in a big way? Ever wonder what the consequence of sin has on your testimony of who God is or what he has done in our life? Peter as failed in a big way and denied that he even knew Jesus three times. As we look at John 21 we see how Jesus graciously restores Peter by asking him the same question three times "do you love me?" Jesus already knows the answer but He wants Peter to realize that his sins are truly forgiven and now it is time to make much of Christ by staying committed to the call. Have you trusted in Christ alone to forgive all of your sins, yes even the ones that only he knows about? Are you not doing well spiritually? Know that Jesus has come after you to remind you that his saving grace is free we only need to receive it and trust in Him alone for salvation. I pray that you meet with him this morning.

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