Ministry Staff

Our Ministry Staff lead the day to day operations across our two Grace Central Coast campuses, under the leadership of our Elder Team.  We depend on the plurality of our leadership, both making decisions and enjoying ministry together.  

Ken Peet

Pastor of Family Ministries - GraceSLO

Al Streder

Pastor of Worship & Missions - GraceSLO

Angela Anderson

Women's Care Director - GraceSLO

Kelsey Nelson

Events Director - GraceSLO

Miles Nelson

Pastor of College & Growth Groups- GraceSLO

Nick Shorts

Student Ministry Pastor & Video Director - GraceSLO

Ben Crandall

Worship & GraceYouth Pastor - Grace5Cities

Dori Iunker

GraceKids Director - GraceSLO

Lisa Klingenberg

GraceKids Campus Coordinator - Grace5Cities

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative Staff are a vital and essential part of all that happens at Grace Central Coast.  Though they often do what they do behind the scenes, we couldn't do all we do without them.  

Grace Central Coast Elder Team 

God has been faithful to raise up a plurality of Godly elders here at Grace Central Coast who meet the Biblical qualificaitons for elders in 1 Timothy and Titus.  While our Ministry Staff Team gives leadership to the day to day operations of our church, our Elder Team is responsible for the developing and guarding the vision and direction of the church.  These teams work closely together, but technically we describe Grace Central Coast as 'elder ruled, staff led.'  

Our elders welcome and invite your interaction at

Governing Elders 

  • Kristopher Couch | 805.234.3744 | Chairman 
  • Wayne Brown | 805.783.2012 | GraceSLO | Covenant Membership 
  • Dave Burns | 805.441.5214 | GraceSLO | Facility Deacon Team Liaison 
  • Pat Curtis | 603.667.1049 | GraceSLO | currently unassigned
  • Rick Ernstrom | 805.544.0664 | GraceSLO | GraceKids & Family Ministry Liaison
  • Jeff Martin | 805.473.8737 | Grace5Cities | Grace5Cities Liaison, Constitution Team 
  • Wayne Peterson | 805.543.3068 | GraceSLO | Mission's Team Liaison 
  • Donny Valliere | phone unlisted for professional reasons | GraceSLO | currently unassigned

Non-Governing Elders 

  • Ron Johnston | GraceSLO | non-governing due to family member currently serving on staff 
  • Leon Maksodian | GraceSLO | Elder Emeritus
  • Scott Morton | Grace5Cities | on sabbatical break 
  • Jeff Mundorf | GraceSLO | on family leave
  • Steve Potratz | Grace5Cities | on sabbatical break 
  • Todd Talley  | GraceSLO | on sabbatical break